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Information for Presenters


Oral Presentations

There are 30-minute slots allocated for each talk, which includes 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

All speakers should upload their presentation to the local computer before their session and test it, especially if you have audio clips or videos included. If you prefer to use your own laptop for the presentation, please make sure that you have the necessary adapters or cables with you.

Presentations will be streamed live online for registered virtual participants. If you would not like your presentation to be streamed, please let the organizers know before your session.



Posters should be A0 size (841 mm x 1189 mm / 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm / 33.1 inches x 46.8 inches) and can be either landscape or portrait orientation. 

Please give your poster to a member of the organizing committee on the morning of July 29 so that we can hang them in advance of your session.

Information for Presenters