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Conference Program


Please note the presentation schedule and poster sessions have been updated. Please check that you have the latest version of the program.

Download the program overview here

 Sunday July 28Monday July 29Tuesday July 30Wednesday July 31 
9:00 Welcome & housekeepingOSAC plenary (David Marks) 9:00
9:30 Voice analysis in UK immigration cases : voice comparison evidence in the 'ETS TOEIC scandal' (Rhodes)Poster Session 29:30
10:00 Method validation of phonetic forensic voice comparison (Hughes)break10:00
10:30 break(S) Methodological approaches to analysis of breathy and whispery voice: a systematic review (Patman, McDougall, & Foulkes)break10:30
11:00 Voice Parades and Voice Comparison – a Case Study (Bartle & Rhodes)(S) When speech intelligibility is the goal, voice recognisability is sacrificed (Bradshaw & Dellwo)Interchangeability of audio sets for LR calculation (van der Vloed)11:00
11:30 Accuracy and Reliability in Earwitness Testimony: a Case Study (Leonard, Hurt, & Dickenson)(S) Voice memory and the role of pitch distribution in a population (Paver, Nolan, & McDougall)Testing Phonexia under real-world conditions (Braun & Kudera)11:30
12:00 Communicating Expert Evidence (Earnshaw, Nuttall, & Rhodes)(S) Anything you sing… may be used in evidence. A forensic study on the identification of singers. (Möller & de Jong-Lendle)Awards & Closing12:00
12:30 lunchlunch 12:30
13:00  13:00
13:30 Poster Session 1Workshop 2: The construction of a speaker profile (Gea de Jong-Lendle) 13:30
14:00  14:00
14:30 Forensic Audio Casework under a Quality Management Framework (Bartle & Webb) 14:30
15:00 The role of prosody for natural and deepfake voice classification (Pellegrino, Kathiresan, Roswandowitz, De Luca, Fruholz, & Dellwo)break (15 mins) 15:00
AGM (15:15 start)
15:30 break 15:30
16:00 Workshop 1 & panel discussion: Audio deepfakes (Anil Alexander & Finnian Kelly) 16:00
16:30  16:30
17:00Welcome Reception 5 à 7 @ Chaufferie  17:00
17:30   17:30
18:00Free guided walking tour of Old Montreal (meeting at front doors of 200 Sherbrooke West)  18:00
18:30  18:30
19:00 Conference Dinner @ Jardin Botanique Chapiteau (19:00-23:00) 19:00