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Natalie Anderson Rathwell
PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant, York University


Shannon Bassett
Laurentian University
Edda Bild
McGill University
Heather Braiden
Assistant professor, University of Montreal
Justin Bur
Doctoral candidate, UQAM


Jonathan Cha
Université de Montréal and Société du parc Jean-Drapeau
Prof. Peter Coffman
Associate Professor


Alberto de Salvatierra
Assistant Professor of Urbanism and Data in Architecture, University of Calgary
Adrian Deveau
Teaching Assistant, Concordia University, Department of Art History, Canada
Michael R. Doyle
Assistant Professor, Université Laval
Samuel Dubois
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Pierre Du Prey
Queen's University


Natalia Escobar Castrillon
Assistant Professor of Architecture, Carleton University
Guillaume Ethier
Professeur, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM)


Katie Filek
PhD Student, University of Toronto
Aidan Flynn
Teaching Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Prof. Cynthia Hammond
Professor, Concordia University
Sarah King Head
Historian / Heritage Professional, CAHP, City of Thorold
Menno Hubregtse
Sessional Instructor, University of Victoria


Candace Iron
Professor of Arts & Humanities; Program Coordinator - Liberal Studies, Humber College


June Diana Komisar
Associate Chair, Department of Architectural Science, X University (formerly Ryerson University)
Natalie Jianyi Kopp
M. Arch, University of Waterloo School of Architecture
Joudy Kusaibati
university of waterloo


Ben Lapierre
PhD Student, Concordia University
Josée Laplace
Université McGill / CRC en patrimoine urbain
Joseph Sébastien Lavoie
Carleton University
John Leroux
Curator - Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Canada
Élène Levasseur
Ph D | Chargée de recherche, Architecture sans frontières Québec | Université de Montréal
Coby Lyons
LEED® Green Associate™, Toronto Metropolitan University


Marie-Paule Macdonald
university of waterloo
Dr Jessica Mace
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto
Stephanie Mah
Creative Director / Heritage Specialist , Giaimo
Jade Manbodh
university of waterloo
Prof. Steven Mannell
Professor, Dalhousie University
Magdalena Milosz
PhD Candidate, McGill University
Banafsheh Mohammadi
PhD Candidate | Killam Scholar | Assistant Lecturer, University of Alberta
David Monteyne
University of Calgary
Victor Morin
McFarland Marceau Architect
Lucie K. Morisset
Professor and Chairholder, Canada Research Chair in Urban Heritage
Jean-Bruno Morissette
Architect / Urban Designer / Chargé de cours Université Laval / PhD Student McGill University, McGill University


Luc Noppen
Professeur titulaire, Canada Research Chair in Urban Heritage


Sharon Odell
Carleton University Alumni, Art History MA


Mayuri Paranthahan
M.Arch. Candidate, University of Waterloo School of Architecture
Parker Poole
Carleton University Alumni, Art History MA
Daniel-Jean Primeau
Artisan plâtrier ornemaniste,
Véronique Proteau
architect & Ph.D. candidate, studio in vivo & McGill University





Dustin Valen
McGill University
Miranda Virginillo
SURP Queen's University


Karen R. White
Humber College, Toronto
Michael Windover
Associate Professor, Carleton University

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