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Railway workers’ village: museological and educational processes in a context of railway industrial heritage

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12:00 PM, Jeudi 1 Sep 2022 (20 minutes)
The presentation shows some questions related to ongoing research carried out in the PhD in Education, under the supervision of prof. dr. Marcos Villela Pereira, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil, and who intends to discuss museological and educational processes related to the railway industrial heritage. The topic selected for the exhibition at this Congress presents the educational proposal at Vila dos Ferroviários in Porto Alegre that uses as methodology: walks through the streets of the village, meetings with residents and railway workers to look at family photos and albums, collecting testimonials and capturing of images. Based on the conversations around the collections and photo albums of the families, the research carefully listens to the individual and family stories of men and women living in the village, some of whom are railway workers and others are not. The individual narratives are loaded with subjectivities, contradictions and lapses, but they invariably present data from the scenario of the experience lived as workers in the active company, as well as when the dismissals and their extinction occurred, in the 1990s. The photographs kept in the residences and which are shared during the meetings, stimulate speeches that put through the authority of "I lived" and "I was there", thus the narratives inform about the trajectory of the family, the history of the city and of the city itself. Federal Railroad Company (RFFSA). It is interesting to observe the use of photographs in the construction of individual memories, of small groups (family members) and in relation to aspects of the history of the railroad in Brazil. The research aims to discuss how the museological and educational processes that relate to activities in Vila dos Ferroviários, and how are the issues between public and private aspects presented? The approach with families precedes bonds of trust with the research purposes and requires establishing a commitment contract from both parties.

Alice Bemvenuti


Mon statut pour la session


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