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The next step forward : retrospect and prospect the vicissitude of mining landscape in Houtong Coal-Mine Region

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11:30 AM, Lundi 29 Août 2022 (20 minutes)
Taiwan was once an important place for the gold mining and coal mining. Ruifang District in New Taipei City was one of the most important mining regions in Taiwan. Houtong region was the most productive site for the coal mining after the Second World War in Taiwan. Although the coal mining industry had been stopped in 1990, the mining landscapes over one hundred year still survive in this area, almost completely. The integrity and authenticity of the industrial landscape constitutes Houtong mining landscape to be the valuable and representative cultural property in Taiwan. By the eco-museum project, the mining landscape got lots of the attention, which would be helpful for the preservation of the landscape in this area. The authors conducted the research program for the landscape change and the driving factors analysis of the Houtong mining heritages between 1990-2020 and the research team found out that different with the mining period, in which the main factors affecting the landscape was the industry demand causing reconstruction, addition, construction and the corresponding demolition, the main factors affecting the landscape in the post-mining period got the drastic change. Except the natural / disaster factor continuing to change the landscape, the new economy, politics / policy and society became the influential factors. In this paper, the author analyzed why and how the influential factors maintained or changed the mining landscape, in tangible and intangible perspectives. Looking forward the next Step, except the intentions and decisions of the land or building owners, and the sense of identity plus the force of action from the local people, especially the previous mining workers and their families, the cultural landscape registration would be the important mechanism for maintaining and continuing the mining landscape in the post-mining period.

Zhen-Hui Liu


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