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Re-calculating pre-war bridges in Berlin

12:00 PM, Lundi 29 Août 2022 (20 minutes)

When it comes to the continued use of old steel bridges, engineers are pushed to their limits due to current design standards. Today, traffic loads are much higher, the materials have improved technological properties, and there is new research for structural behaviors that were unknown at that time.Today's design standards have responded accordingly and have developed comprehensive standards in the form of the Eurocodes. However, the stability and durability of older steel bridges can often not be verified on the basis of these standards. Therefore, recalculation guidelines have been adopted that consider the age in the verification of the bridge’s remaining service life in order to preserve these old bridges. The method described here is exemplified with two bridges, located in Berlin and built between 1912-1916, and led to their preservation and continued use. 

D. Eng
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