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Tracing colonial legacy and its impact on Jordan's industrial architecture - First Jordan hydro-electric power house

10:00 AM, Mardi 30 Août 2022 (20 minutes)

As a late-developing country in industrialization, many of modern-day Jordan’s modern industrial heritage sites have absorbed technologies from several possible foreign sources, particularly under British mandate era between 1921 and 1946.  

The paper considers the case of the First Jordan hydro-electric power house, far northwest of Jordan, dating back to the late 1920s, which has been a subject of controversial discourse of conservation colonial legacy as a part of both of modern tangible heritage and memory of the local community in the Middle Eastern country.  

Furthermore, the paper discusses the significance of one of the most debatable issues to Jordanians and the possibility of considering this colonial site as part of the Jordanian heritage or not, due to its political dimension. In other words, it creates awareness about the meaning, essence, and value of that industrial architecture dating back to one of controversial periods of Jordanian modern history, which was a short-lived era, amongst not only the general public, but also the institutions.

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