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AmeriDendro 2022 is an "in person" event, for most attendees.

AmeriDendro is committed to respecting all health measures: physical distancing, wearing a mask in indoor spaces, providing antibacterial gel, etc. These measures are  likely to change depending on the health context and government directives. 

Note that, as of March 14, the sanitary situation clearly improves and most sanitary restrictions are now being abandoned. 


Online Option

The LOC is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation, including developments related to new variants of concern such as Omicron. We are committed to organising a safe meeting for all attendees. The purpose of this update is to keep all attendees informed of any changes to the sanitary situation. For official details, please refer to the Government of Canada website.


AmeriDendro 2022 will be an “in person” event, which is what we feel our community needs most. However, the organizing committee also recognizes that COVID 19 may impact people differently or impose travel restrictions. For that reason, the organizing committee has decided to accommodate people who cannot attend in person due to COVID 19, by providing an “online option” (on demand). The online option will, however, remain an accommodation that will not replace the full, on site experience of an in person event in Montreal. 

Attendees need to advise the organizing committee if they request an online accommodation:


Traveling to Canada

AmeriDendro 2022 complies with Canada (federal and provincial) rules. Please refer to the Government of Canada website to obtain the up-to-date rules for travelers entering Canada. 


Traveling from within Canada

Travelers coming from other Canadian provinces may consult the following website for province -specific sanitary restrictions.