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400-year multi-parameter reconstruction of Carpathian temperatures from tree rings

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9:35, Tuesday 28 Jun 2022 (15 minutes)

Although numerous proxy-based climate reconstructions have been developed and despite the prevalence of relatively long instrumental records throughout Europe, reliable information about past climate is still lacking in some regions, particularly eastern parts of the continent. This issue is linked to limitations in data quality and large uncertainties in existing records. The REPLICATE project aims to fill this spatial paleoclimatic and data quality gap by applying a tree-ring multi-parameter approach to reconstruct climate using Norway spruce (Picea abies) samples. We are developing a set of temperature reconstructions across the Carpathian Mountain arc that will advance our understanding of recent climatic variability in this region. Therefore, annually resolved, robust, high-quality summer temperature reconstructions covering the past 300-400 years are developed for four locations across the Carpathians from chronologies of tree-ring width (RW) corrected for disturbance, blue intensity (BI), and color bias-free surface intensity (SI) from scanned and microscope-based high-resolution images, and traditional and surface-based quantitative wood anatomy (QWA/sQWA). This combination of parameters strengthens the climate signal considerably, and initial results indicate that these Carpathian temperature reconstructions will yield records with reduced uncertainty that explain between 50% and 60% of the regional temperature variability. This will provide improved spatial information on the transition from the LIA to the modern warm period, which is important for tuning and downscaling climate models by providing constraints on climate model performance and improving predictions of future climate scenarios.

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