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Workshop. Use and applications of the process-based model MAIDENiso

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8:30, Monday 27 Jun 2022 (4 hours)
Lunch Break   12:15 PM to 01:30 PM (1 hour 15 minutes)
Coeur des Sciences, Sherbrooke Building, UQAM - Classroom (SH-3420)   Virtual session
This session is in the past.
The virtual space is closed.

MAIDENiso is a numerical process-based model that allows researchers to simulate the growth of a virtual tree. Using daily meteorological data, the model simulates the physical and physiological processes taking place in the tree and its environment, to produce daily and yearly outputs comparable to dendrological observations. The model has been adapted and used successfully in boreal regions in North America. In an inverse mode, tree-ring observations can be used to estimate past meteorology. 
MAIDENiso offers a detailed simulation of the complex processes taking place in a tree and the land surface, while keeping computational costs low. It is a good alternative to statistically-based response functions when exploring the mechanisms explaining the relationships between tree-ring proxies and climate, specially for complex process such as water isotopes. It simple to use in common laptops, and can be easily set up to work in a cluster to perform more complex experiments.
In this workshop, we will show you how to use MAIDENiso and the set of tools we have developed around it. These topics include:
-Downloading, compiling and running the code.
-Inputs and outputs of the model.
-R package “maidentools”, developed to facilitate running the model and analysing / visualizing the outputs.
-Modifying the code, modifying inputs and setting up synthetic experiments.
-Calibration procedure for unknown parameters.
-Inversion procedure to reconstruct past meteorologies.
-Using MAIDENiso in a cluster and parallelization of the calibration and inversion procedures.


Recommendations provided by the organizer:

  • Can the participant follow online? Yes
  • Does the participant need a laptop? Yes – it can run Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Will the participant require internet connection during the workshop? Not necessarily as we can provide access to all materials prior to the conference. 
  • Software that the participant needs to have installed:
  • Additional remarks from the organizer: Please test beforehand that your C++ compiler is correctly installed and added to the path, so that you can compile MAIDENiso without errors. Write to for help (please only as last resource)


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