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Central American Tree-Ring Research: A Review

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11:53, Thursday 30 Jun 2022 (7 minutes)
Symposium 8

In this presentation we discuss the current status of tree-ring research in the neotropical Americas outside of México. The most relevant findings are discussed, including the region-wide wet season precipitation signal associated with large-scale tropical atmospheric dynamics. Our analysis suggests that local climate response patterns vary between sites, with the strongest correlations ranging from the previous summer to the current spring. Correlations with accumulation of daily precipitation suggest possible thresholds for growth initiation and sensitivity to conditions at the start of the growing season. We also present recent results from stable oxygen isotope analysis suggesting an association between the Caribbean Low-Level Jet (CLLJ) at 900mb winds and the isotope ratios. Overall, the chronologies assessed here cover the period from 1655 to 2015. Lastly, we also discuss the recent interest from the Meteorological Service in Guatemala to develop research on tree-rings from the lowlands of Petén, the enabling factors, and the limitations moving forward with tree-ring research in the region.

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