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Workshop. Best practices for using tree-ring stable isotopes of Carbon and Oxygen in paleoclimate and ecophysiology.

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13:30, Monday 27 Jun 2022 (3 hours 30 minutes)
Coeur des Sciences, Sherbrooke Building, UQAM - Classroom (SH-3260)   Virtual session
This session is in the past.
The virtual space is closed.

Free, in person and online

The stable isotopic compositions of carbon and oxygen (d13C and d18O) measured in tree rings are valuable proxies for reconstructing paleoclimate and are increasingly used as paleophysiological proxies. Applying these proxies in ecophysiology and paleoclimate can be challenging as they rely on complex process-based models and poorly constrained input data. In recent years, however, significant progress has been made in bridging tree-ring stable isotopes with ecophysiological models enabling improved quantitative tree ring-based reconstructions and interpretations of tree’s physiological response to environmental changes such as the increase of atmospheric CO2 concentration and temperature, or changes in precipitation patterns.

This interactive workshop will focus on best practices for 1) using d13C to reconstruct ecophysiological indices; and 2) using d18O forward modelling for paleoclimate and ecophysiological reconstructions. Using a hands-on approach (R-script Notebooks), the workshop organizers will demonstrate  how researchers can work with tree-ring isotopic data in a comprehensive and reproducible way. This will include process-based models of photosynthesis and leaf water evaporation, and using state of the art input data and parameters.

The format of the workshop will correspond to executable demonstrations in R-Notebook (using some specific R-packages) in a collaborative environment. The demonstrations will be based on onboard datasets but will also include a chance for participants to use their own datasets.

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  • Can the participant follow online? Yes
  • Does the participant need a laptop? Yes
  • Will the participant require internet connection during the workshop? Yes (to log into Github)
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